Katel LeDû


Content Hero

I don't use Lorem Ipsum in mockups. I develop meaningful well-governed digital content through implementation of comprehensive strategies, skilled curation, and leadership of editorial teams to evolve and maintain content ecosystems well past launch. My greatest satisfaction comes from helping inspired people get creative via super efficient workflows and a dash of best practices.


I approach work and life projects in the same way - by keeping a lasso around the details while driving a complete vision. I build dedicated communities, provide extensive guidance for launching compelling scalable products, and lead by solving problems to execute on airtight digital road maps. Currently I'm leading an ace team of photo editors and producers to cultivate and carry out a vision for products centered around photography.

Picture Taker

I tell my story one picture at a time. Thanks to my iPhone, Instagram, and countless ways to share what I create, I'm as excited about photography as I was the first time I threaded film over sprockets. I'm also moved by what the next generation of picture takers can teach us. I've been fortunate enough to share the joy and love I've found through photography by spending some time with younger folks teaching them a little bit of what I know, and in return they've taught me to see.

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